Seachem aquavitro phytogen

  • Cultured live phytoplankton
  • Nannochloropsis: 1.5 – 6 µm
  • 50 – 100 million cells per milliliter
  • No dyes, contaminants, or fillers


phytogen™ is a premium live concentration (50–100 million cells per milliliter) of Nannochloropsisphytoplankton. It is an exceptional feed for corals, clams, various copepods, and filter feeding animals.


To attain the highest quality live phytoplankton, phytogen™ is cultivated in a sterile, hermetically sealed, FDA certified facility using the finest quality salt available, aquavitro® salinity®. Because it is not grown in an exposed open environment, phytogen™ is free of external contamination and does not contain any dyes, toxins, or fillers. In addition, it is an excellent source of EPA which has been shown to be extremely nutritionally beneficial for fish and coral. Simply put, phytogen’s™ high concentration, nutritional value, and unparalleled purity make it a best-in-class phytoplankton product.


phytogen™ is ideal for aquariums up to 280 L (70 US gallons). 
For larger aquariums, we recommend using phytogen™ concentrate.

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